Mounting an LVM disk

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Mon May 24 14:59:47 CDT 2010

On 2010-05-24 19:09, J. Epperson wrote:
> Some good points, but having had this hole in my own foot, I'll say that
> it's very unlikely that it's _just_ the partition table that got wiped.  I
> also never had any luck getting a partition editor to work with a disk
> that had a table saying it was bigger than it actually was.  Always had to
> wipe it at a hardware level to get it repartitioned.
> I hope OP's luck is better.

OP doesn't need a partition table. Assuming that a dd was executed in 
the wrong direction for some period but aborted without wiping out too 
much of the disk, he needs to know the offset where the /home filesystem 
started, and a lower bound on its size. The filesystem could start at 
any multiple of LVM chunk size from the beginning of the physical 
volume, which would have covered either the entire disk (which may still 
be what's going on) or have started at a track offset from the start of 
the disk, or cylinder offset if not on the same cylinder as the 
partition table or logical partition table (unless the disk was 
partitioned in some unusual way). If not too much of the disk is gone, 
he also might be able to find a backup of the LVM config somewhere. It 
would be worthwhile imaging the whole disk as a backup, and using 
strings(1) to try to find an LVM backup.

A bigger question for me is why the OP isn't using any redundancy 
(single disk for OS and RAID0 for the rest), but whatever...

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