Mounting an LVM disk

J. Epperson Dell at
Mon May 24 14:09:01 CDT 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 13:56, Bond Masuda wrote:
>> If your disk were intact, yeah, you should be able to vgimport the
>> volume group and mount it.  But the partition table results you're
>> seeing are consistent with someone trying to clone a 1Tb disk to a 2Tb
>> one and getting the source and target mixed up, overwriting the
>> partition table on the 1Tb with the table from the 2Tb.  In which case,
>> fuhgeddaboudit .
> well, actually, if the data portion is untouched, if one can guess or
> restore the partition table, everything should be just fine. if the
> partition table has gotten corrupted, mistakenly overwritten, etc., I
> would make a 'dd' image of it and mess with the image or copy of the
> image.
> there is also 'gpart', which can scan and try to guess what the partition
>  table was originally.
> you might need to figure out if the entire 1tb disk (/dev/sdc) was used
> as a LVM2 PV, or if the disk was a single partition (/dev/sdc1) marked as
> 'lvm' and the partition was used as a PV. if the former, you don't need
> to worry much about the partition table.

Some good points, but having had this hole in my own foot, I'll say that
it's very unlikely that it's _just_ the partition table that got wiped.  I
also never had any luck getting a partition editor to work with a disk
that had a table saying it was bigger than it actually was.  Always had to
wipe it at a hardware level to get it repartitioned.

I hope OP's luck is better.

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