Mounting an LVM disk

Bond Masuda bond.masuda at
Mon May 24 12:56:13 CDT 2010

> If your disk were intact, yeah, you should be able to vgimport the
> volume
> group and mount it.  But the partition table results you're seeing are
> consistent with someone trying to clone a 1Tb disk to a 2Tb one and
> getting the source and target mixed up, overwriting the partition table
> on
> the 1Tb with the table from the 2Tb.  In which case, fuhgeddaboudit .

well, actually, if the data portion is untouched, if one can guess or
restore the partition table, everything should be just fine. if the
partition table has gotten corrupted, mistakenly overwritten, etc., I would
make a 'dd' image of it and mess with the image or copy of the image.

there is also 'gpart', which can scan and try to guess what the partition
table was originally.

you might need to figure out if the entire 1tb disk (/dev/sdc) was used as a
LVM2 PV, or if the disk was a single partition (/dev/sdc1) marked as 'lvm'
and the partition was used as a PV. if the former, you don't need to worry
much about the partition table.


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