any advice to find root cause of "Falling back to HPET" ?

Bond Masuda bond.masuda at
Sun May 23 23:45:03 CDT 2010

Thanks. Good point.

As an aside, this weekend has been a bizarre weekend. After finally
resolving this "lost ticks" issue, another server kernel panic and crashed
mysteriously, and again kernel panic upon boot up.. some messages about bad
memory in DIMM8 and DIMM7. then my friend's Drobo went all red and failed
this afternoon. We must be getting showered by intense cosmic rays this

thanks for the responses from everyone.

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> On 2010-05-24 01:01, Bond Masuda wrote:
> > This time around, on 3rd chassis, the "lost ticks" are no longer, the
> > server is fast/normal again, and all is well. I just can't believe we
> > ran into 2 servers with the same issue back to back??? (the guys at
> the
> > hosting company are usually great, but it almost makes me doubt that
> > they did the 1st chassis swap??)
> For future reference, you might want to save a dump of dmidecode output
> before requesting chassis swaps so you can check if the service tag
> actually changed.
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