any advice to find root cause of "Falling back to HPET" ?

Andrew Reid AndrewReid at
Sun May 23 19:11:26 CDT 2010

Bond Masuda wrote:
> I wish RHEL4 had smartctl that worked with megasas; i'll have to compile the
> latest smartctl to see if SMART data will tell me anything about the drives.
> One thing to note is that during the build of these  servers 2 weeks ago,
> one of the drives on s8 did fail and had to be replaced.
> -Bond

A few  random thoughts:

Any chance the RAID is still rebuilding.

Is slow unit truly slower, that is  does it take longer as YOU measure 
it to do a significant task. I ask because a bad clock will would make 
it report longer times due to time measurement errors.

A comparison of the actual number of interrupts (cat /proc/interrupts) 
on both machines after they have been up for similar periods, doing 
similar things may give a hint as to who has 'stolen' your CPU.

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