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Sun May 23 11:16:35 CDT 2010

We are accepting best offers on all Cisco have more than 40 gw's in stock
Cisco VOIP Gateways Guaranteed Lowest Prices World Wide 
Techresell will give you $1000 discount from any quote you get from other vendors...why we are the lowest cost voip provider
WE operate on margins of only 5% profit and give you 1 Year warranty & full technical support
Free Network Design even if you do not buy from us
WE stock all AS5300, AS5350, AS5400, AS5850 gateways access servers
AS53-4E1-120-AC-V $2700 OBO
AS53-4T1-96-AC-V $2300
AS535-8T1-192-AC-V $5150
AS535-8E1-216-AC-V $5200 OBO
AS5400-8E1-240-AC-V $5500 OBO
AS5400-8E1-216-AC-V $5000
AS54HPX-CT3-648-AC-V $4500
AS54HPX-8T1-192-AC-V $7500
AS54HPX-16T1-384-AC-V $10,200
AS54HPX-8E1-240-AC-V $7800
AS54HPX-16E1-492-AC-V $12,500 OBO
AS54XM-CT3-648-AC-V $14,000
AS54XM-16E1-492-AC-V $19,500 many in stock NEW in Box
AS54XM-16T1-384-AC-V $19,380 New in Box
AS5850 all models in stock
DC units in stock & available for all AS5400 chassis

We have any combination you need email us what you need and we will send you a quote same day
SS7 & C7 solutions
Softswitch and Billing solutions from $2500 usd

Factory Refurbished Cisco and New Cisco 
1 Year warranty 
Free Network Design and Support
CCIE CCNA engineers on staff 

techresell at
954 924-1800 tel USA
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