Serial over LAN

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at
Thu May 20 19:38:45 CDT 2010

>>> I'm looking to setup Serial over Lan on my cluster of PowerEdge
>>> 1950's.   Does anyone have this setup?
>> Sure. Use it all the time.
> Yes - here too

Perhaps you can answer something that's been bugging me for some time. 
How does this actually work?  I mean, what gets sent over the wire when 
you redirect a serial port?

It's always bugged me that there's not much information about how this 
is done, and it seems to use a bit too much magic for my liking.  I 
mean, is it TCP?  Can you restrict access to it with a firewall?  How 
does it share the network card with the host OS, in the cases where you 
use the one NIC for both?


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