Serial over LAN

Matthew Lenz matthew at
Thu May 20 17:31:57 CDT 2010

> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> Yes - here too - using ipmitool on Debian. I use pretty much the same
> setup with Dell PE 860/1950/R210, Intel SR1500/SSR212MC2, and a couple
> of different Tyan boxes too.
> Dell's IPMI implementation is reasonable, but for some weird reason,
> they want to develop proprietary tools to manage it - what's wrong with
> just working with the existing open source tools? They seem to work
> pretty well, and have less wacky interfaces than the Dell-proprietary
> stuff. I *really* don't get this policy.

I could swear a year ago or so I read an article about how Dell was going to 
be completely opensourcing all their management tools.  What ever happened 
there?  Maybe that was something else?

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