Serial over LAN

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Thu May 20 16:02:39 CDT 2010

On 2010-05-20 20:56, Alexander Dupuy wrote:
> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>> ** First thing you should do in BMC setup is reset to default. The BMCs
>> often ship with a weird non-default setting that will cause lots of
>> serial port feedback if you try to run a getty on the serial console.
> For "often" you can substitute "always" (at least in my experience).

I've had one or two cases where I *didn't* have this problem. :^)

>> Yes, you will get the entire POST including the initial BIOS id. You
>> might also want to set "Redirection after boot" in the BIOS. In grub,
>> add something like "console=ttyS1,57600 console=tty0" to your kernel 
>> line.
> Just to make this clear, if the BIOS "redirection after boot" is 
> enabled, the VGA console will be duplicated on the serial port.  This 
> may be okay (and is the easiest way to make it work), but if you go that 
> route you want to make sure that you are not also using the serial port 
> directly (e.g. grub console=ttyS1,57600, /etc/inittab ttyS1 entry, 
> etcetera).
> If you have redirection after boot disabled, you are responsible for 
> making serial access work in ISOLINUX/PXELINUX, grub, and Linux.

Hmm, my impression was that "Redirection After Boot" only affects comms 
up to the point of getting a bootloader running, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, no harm in trying either way.

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