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Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Thu May 20 15:56:46 CDT 2010

Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> ** First thing you should do in BMC setup is reset to default. The BMCs
> often ship with a weird non-default setting that will cause lots of
> serial port feedback if you try to run a getty on the serial console.

For "often" you can substitute "always" (at least in my experience).

> Yes, you will get the entire POST including the initial BIOS id. You
> might also want to set "Redirection after boot" in the BIOS. In grub,
> add something like "console=ttyS1,57600 console=tty0" to your kernel line.

Just to make this clear, if the BIOS "redirection after boot" is enabled, the VGA console will be duplicated on the serial port.  This may be okay (and is the easiest way to make it work), but if you go that route you want to make sure that you are not also using the serial port directly (e.g. grub console=ttyS1,57600, /etc/inittab ttyS1 entry, etcetera).

If you have redirection after boot disabled, you are responsible for making serial access work in ISOLINUX/PXELINUX, grub, and Linux. 


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