Serial over LAN

Marc Moreau jebnor at
Thu May 20 11:14:38 CDT 2010

Hello list,

I'm looking to setup Serial over Lan on my cluster of PowerEdge 1950's.
Does anyone have this setup?

I'm kind of confused on how all the redirection works.  From posts that I
have read, we redirect console to a serial port, then tell the BMC to
forward the serial console to the LAN.  But my BIOS has a 'Direct Connect'
mode.  My IPMI doesn't have any of the Serial redirect.  I fear that I am
confusing IPMI and BMC somewhere too.  Could some take a stab at explaining
this please.

One further question. If I do get this setup, does it give me 'full console
access' over serial. In other words, do I get the BIOS POST, or does the
serial console only come up after post?  I am aware that I need to setup my
OS (Centos) to spawn a serial tty, and this I have done before, just not
over baseboard LAN.

Pointers to docs accepted at par. :)

-- Marc
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