R510 question - how many volumes supported on Perc H700?

Wiley Sanders wsanders at wsanders.net
Wed May 19 21:36:03 CDT 2010

Thanks, looks like 6 volumes is probably supported. I plan on configuring it
via the BIOS if at all possible.

Of course, some benchmarking will be done before we put the box in
production. The server today has about 15 million small files. (Another
reason for splitting it up.) ZFS on Solaris doesn't have a problem with
that. but I can tell you that the SUSE 9, + Escalade controllers + 7200 RPM
sata drives (|-p) server that is being replaced does have a problem.

It isn't just the hardware , there is a substantial performance difference
between ext3 and XFS filesystems on the box, with XFS having a 10 or 15%
edge. If I can get the controller in this new box to be the bottleneck I'll
be happy. We have an R510 in production now as a file server, with one big
RAID6 array, and so far I can get 500 or 600 iops/sec out of it, as far as
benchmarking a production server goes. I'd be real happy to hit 800.

-Wiley Sanders
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