R510 question - how many volumes supported on Perc H700?

Wiley Sanders wsanders at wsanders.net
Wed May 19 18:35:00 CDT 2010

This is really a pre-sales question, but I have not been able to find a
sales person who can answer this question.

We're think of buying an R510 to use as a massive 7000+ user mail spool. I
would like to configure the 12 internal SAS disks as 6 RAID1 volumes.
(Please I am set in this decision. We cannot afford a SAN, I want to
maximize write performance , minimize RAID rebuild time, and the app lends
itself well to 6 individual volumes.)

The online configurator will only allow me to configure a 12-disk with the
H700 and "two sets of Raid 1", "Raid 1 with exactly two hard drives and RAID
5 minimum three hard drives", "RAID 5 minimum/maximum four hard drives and
Raid 10 minimum four hard drives, maximum depends on backplane [??]"

Is this just a limitation on the preconfigured RAID configs I can order, a
licensing restriction, or a true limitation on the number of volumes that
the H700 can support?

I suppose I could go with one or two big RAID 5 volumes but I want to be
able to get 500 or 600 iops small write performance and less than half a day
RAID rebuild time. If anyone is getting those kinds of numbers from an H700
with RAID5, let us know, that would be helpful. I'm also willing to install
a 2nd controller if it can be connected to the hot-swap SAS disks.

-Wiley Sanders
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