PERC S300 on PET110

Rodrigo Trevisaneli rodrigo.trevisaneli at
Wed May 19 10:46:20 CDT 2010

Thank you Patrick. I will use Linux Software RAID1.

Do I have to connect the disks on the onboard SATA
controller, or there is any way to keep the disks connected
on the PERCS300, like a BIOS option?

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 12:29 PM, <Patrick_Boyd at> wrote:

> The S stands for software. You should either get the PERC H200 or the PERC
> H700 or just use linux software RAID.
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> Subject: PERC S300 on PET110
> Hi,
> I bought a PE T110 with a PERC S300 controller for 2x250GB RAID1.
> Linux can not see the controller/disks and the "Dell Systems Build
> and Update Utility" did not give me any Linux related option when
> choosing the OS. Only MS Windows.
> Dell Support told me now that this controller will not work on Linux.
> I am still in contact with DELL, but...  There is no way to
> install this controller in Linux? Also searching the web I found
> that this is not a hardware RAID controller, is that correct?
> Thank you.
> Rodrigo
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