drac4's uses

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Tue May 18 23:15:33 CDT 2010

On 18 May 2010, at 23:17, Matthew Lenz wrote:
> We're planning on sticking with our 1850/2850s as our production  
> environment
> for the time being.  We never did DRAC4s in any of these machines  
> when they
> were new but you can get the cards used dirt cheap on ebay (as well  
> as spare
> 1850 and 2850 systems).

The prices I've seen have not been dirty cheap, but certainly very  
reasonable.  ;)

> Are the DRAC4 worth looking at when using non-supported OSes like  
> Debian?  I
> use openipmi for basic system health stuff but is there other cooler  
> stuff
> that the DRAC4 is able to do that ipmi isn't (for non-supported oses)?

IMO the significantly cool thing about the DRAC4 is the remote access  
screen viewer / console. You can see whatever is on the screen and  
operate the mouse from across the network, independently of the  
operating system. So you can do so even whilst the system is booting,  
you can enter the BIOS and you can even install the operating system  
across the network, using the virtual media facility. So if your  
server needs booting from a live CD, you can just put that in your  
laptop and use the laptop to control the server's screen.

As far as operating system support is concerned, it doesn't matter  
what o/s is installed on the server for using the remote access. But  
the machine you use to do the controlling / viewing will *probably*  
have to be using Windows. Macs certainly don't work. When the DRAC4  
was released is was claimed you could view using RedHat & a certain  
version of Firefox, but I never heard of anyone actually doing so (cue  
respondents coming out of the woodwork). DRAC4 viewing remains  
compatible with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, however - you just  
need to adjust the browser's security settings to allow the viewer  
applet to run.


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