SAS 5/iR raid migration

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SAS 5/iR does not allow for RAID Level Migration or Capacity Expansion (Reconfiguration in OMSA parlance).

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Hi Ben,

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:01:19AM +0100, Ben Tisdall wrote:

> I wonder if someone could confirm to me that non-destructive  raid
> level migration (1 => 0) is NOT possible with the SAS5/iR controller?

Such conversion would be very risky, to say the least. (In RAID1, you
have a copy of each data block on both disks, in RAID0, you distribute
data blocks evenly: block0 -> disk0, block1 -> disk1, block2 -> disk0,
block3 -> disk1 etc.) Apart from that, the SAS 5/iR is a rather stupid
controller with no fancy logic etc, so I guess it's simply not supported.

> >From the lack of that option in VD menu I assume that is the case,
> unless it's matter of a driver version:
> Firmware Version
> Driver Version	3.04.03
> Minimum Required Driver Version
> This is OM 6.2 on Fedora 6 (cannot be upgraded to suit unfortunately).

OMSA or OS version shouldn't matter at all.


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