SMART long-self tests hang on Seagate ST3500630NS 3BKT attached to SAS6/iR

Tim Small tim at
Wed May 12 07:01:05 CDT 2010


Can anyone with some Seagate ST3500630NS drives try to request a SMART 
long self test with "smartctl -t long /dev/sg0" or similar?

I have two of these drives attached to a SAS6/iR - they have been 
upgraded from firmware 3BKS a couple of months ago.  Both drives just 
get as far as:

Self-test execution status:      ( 249) Self-test routine in progress...
                                         90% of test remaining.

but don't get any further in ~20 hours - so I assume the test has hung.

I have one of these drives reporting 1 pending (i.e. unreadable) sector 
- hence wanting to do a full self test to attempt to read every sector.  
I've just:

ionice -c 3 dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null iflag=direct bs=65536

and that ran to completion, but the drive is still showing a pending 
sector - so either the drive is wrong, or the sector isn't a 
user-visible one, I suppose?  I'd be happy to return this drive to Dell 
if they feel like debugging this issue further, but I can't think of 
much I can do myself (except perhaps flashing a different earlier or 
non-Dell firmware to the drive)....


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