Troubleshooting omsa issues

Chandrasekhar_R at Chandrasekhar_R at
Sun May 9 23:55:13 CDT 2010

Hi Ben,

Please check the below settings before accessing OMSA. 

1. Firewall should be turned off or firewall should allow the traffic
for port 1311.
2. Check your browser settings, where you are trying to access OMSA.
	Please look into the following guide. Refer chapter 3 For more
details on browser security settings.

Chandrasekhar R
Dell | OpenManage

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   1. Troubleshooting omsa issues (Ben Tisdall)


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Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 13:33:57 +0100
From: Ben Tisdall <ben.tisdall at>
Subject: Troubleshooting omsa issues
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Dear all,

I am deploying openmanage for the first time in our organisation and
am coming up against 'connection refused' errors from the webserver
every time. Whilst my first attempt to run OM on one of our fc6
systems was perhaps, not surprisingly, problematic, I have
subsequently received this error on CentoOS (using the yum repo) and
Ubuntu systems (using the sara-omsa repo) which leads me to believe I
am missing fundamental.

[root at proj dell]# lsof -Pn -i:1311
dsm_om_co 12412 root   28u  IPv6 53389267       TCP *:1311 (LISTEN)

[root at proj dell]# cat
Servertec (R) Application/Web Server Version 1.12.0 09/04/2005 Open
Source Release
Copyright (C) 1998-2005 Servertec. All rights reserved.

2412) ModuleAttach: starting the startserver thread
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12411) RunServer:daemon worker forked
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12411) RunServer:daemon waiting for worker init
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12410) RunServer:parent daemon forked
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12410) RunServer:parent waiting for daemon init
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12412) ModuleAttach: exit
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12412) RunServer: ModuleAttach success
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12412) RunServer:worker waiting for shutdown
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12411) RunServer:daemon waiting for shutdown
[May  9 13:14:15 2010] (12410) RunServer:parent process EXIT status(0)

Possibly useful snippet from messages:

May  9 13:12:05 proj Server Administrator: Storage Service EventID:
2131  The current firmware version  6.0.1-0080 is older than the
required firmware version 6.2.0-0012 for a controller of model 0x1F
0C:  Controller 0 (PERC 6/i Integrated)

Any pointers towards troubleshooting this gratefully received.

Ben Tisdall.


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