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Hi Stephan,

The easiest thing to do is to download the latest SUU from here:

You need to download both parts and join them to make the DVD image -
it's about 4GB in total. The reason that I suggest we use the SUU rather
than grab files individually is that the SUU has a prebuilt catalogue
file. It can be tricky to get the catalogue file correct and it's easier
to troubleshoot the SUU / ftp server if you know that the catalog file
is correct.

Once you have both parts stick them together with:
cat OM_6.2.1_SMTD_A00.iso.001 OM_6.2.1_SMTD_A00.iso.002 >

Once you have done that burn to a DVD / mount as an image - however you
usually deal with DVDs that only need for a short time.

Once this is done set up your FTP server to support anonymous logins and
set up the directory for FTP requests to be served from - I tend to use
/var/ftp. Create a directory /var/ftp/catalog as well.

>From the DVD image go to the repository directory just under the top
level. Copy the files:

Copy everything else from the repository directory to the top level of
the FTP directory - ie /var/ftp.

This is just under 4GB of files and should include every update that was
available at the time of the SUU being built for every platform that the
USC supports. 

Now go to the server you want to update, boot the USC and point the
update wizard to your FTP server rather than - it should
now pull the updates from your FTP server.

Its worth checking your FTP server logs at this point to make sure
everything is going okay. I use vsftp with the following settings in the
vsftpd.conf file:

And then I keep an eye on /var/log/vsftpd.log and /var/log/xferlog for
troubleshooting. The most useful file I have found is
/var/log/vsftpd.log . 

The above configuration is not secure in anyway so be careful if the FTP
server can be reached externally. I have mine on my laptop and just
block the FTP ports and disable the vsftpd service when it's not in use
for security.

Oh - its also worth noting that if you do use vsftp that I had some
issues with the version that shipped with centos 5.4 - I had to upgrade
to the latest version (2.2.0) from source but I hit some issues getting
it to run. If you have the same issues I have documented the solution
Simply adding background=YES to the vsftpd.conf file sorted it for me.

Once you know that this works and your servers are updating fine then
you may want to update the packages on the FTP server from time to time.
The best tool for this is the Dell Repository Manager. Its windows only
however it can be used to pull updates from our site, add them to your
repository and build a working catalogue file - it's actually a really
handy way of using our support site I think - maybe easier than the web
interface once you get used to it!

First stop is to review this:
Then download here:

However I suggest that we get the USC updating from the files from the
SUU DVD before using the repo manager.

I really like the concept of the iDrac6 / USC tools and personally I
think that Dell should make a bit more a of a big deal about them than
we do already - I'm hoping that if this all works ok for you and that we
document any learning's from your usage of it that we can get some nice
whitepapers / best practice guides / documentation in place so it
becomes far easier for other customers to use. 

Please let me know how you get on!



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> Hi Stephen,
> Hmmm 1.3 is normally well behaved - it's usually 1.1 and below that
> cause me trouble.
> It's still worth doing as a troubleshooting step but it might not
> resolve the issue. Please let me know how you get on!
> Also it might be worth replicating the drivers and catalogue file to a
> local FTP server on one of your systems and see if that works if you
> have a few servers to update? I don't have the documents here on the
> directory structure needed but I can dig them out if you want to try
> that? Also you can create an update USB key for all your platforms and
> boot from that as well (again I can dig out the documentation tomorrow
> for you) to save the hassle of setting up a FTP server.


We have multiple systems, a local ftp server is possible so let me know
which directory's I should mirror from
All systems are on a remote location, so booting from an usb stick is
not really an option.


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