idrac platform update not working / ftp

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Thu May 6 14:49:46 CDT 2010

Hi Stephen,

Hmmm 1.3 is normally well behaved - it's usually 1.1 and below that
cause me trouble.

It's still worth doing as a troubleshooting step but it might not
resolve the issue. Please let me know how you get on!

Also it might be worth replicating the drivers and catalogue file to a
local FTP server on one of your systems and see if that works if you
have a few servers to update? I don't have the documents here on the
directory structure needed but I can dig them out if you want to try
that? Also you can create an update USB key for all your platforms and
boot from that as well (again I can dig out the documentation tomorrow
for you) to save the hassle of setting up a FTP server.



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> Hi,
> What version of the iDrac/USC firmware do you currently have?
> I have seen this with very old firmware's and updating through USB to
> more recent version first helps resolve the FTP issues.

idrac firmware version  1.30
I'll update to 1.41 tomorrow and test again.

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