Monitoring non-Dell drives with OMSA?

Robin Bowes robin-lists at
Wed Mar 31 20:29:01 CDT 2010

On 01/04/10 00:59, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

>> If you don't mention that the failed drive is a "one-year item" from Dell,
>> it is covered by your 3-year warranty.

Er, I wouldn't think so - all Dell items have unique serial numbers.
They will know which items have 3-year support and which have only 1-year.

>> Maybe too if you buy Seagate drives at second source.

I doubt that very much too. Dell drives have Dell firmware. They're not
going let me send in generic Seagate drives for replacement.

>> But my question is: why didn't you choose originally the 5-year warranty
>> from Dell?
>> You can get it, even if not choosable in the web interface.

Our original systems have 3-year warranty. I have asked if the drives
can be delivered with 3-year warranty too.

> And/or try to get an advertise for drives without tray - I am currently 
> struggling for an empty 3,5" tray for R710 which can accept a 2,5" SATA 
> SSD - Dell can't deliver what I want (at least my sales representative is 
> too much straightened to really understand & act properly - I know it 
> would be possible if I would know the part number), and the proper drive 
> tray with 160 GB SATA disk (to throw away for me) shall cost me 160 Euros 
> plus tax.
> So the trays are costly - ask to go without.

I have been quoted the same price for the drive, with or without the
drive tray.

You know you can buy drive trays here [1] don't you?




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