Monitoring non-Dell drives with OMSA?

Robin Bowes robin-lists at
Wed Mar 31 18:32:13 CDT 2010


We have 32 x PE1950, plus 34 x R410, and have another 42 R410 on order.
All servers have (the balance of) a 3-year warranty.

Each server has 4 x 146GB 2.5" SAS drives configured in RAID10.

As you might imagine, with that many spindles we get regular failures.
It's no biggie - we just create an incident with Dell and get a
replacement sent to the DC, where it is fitted and the failed drive sent

I want to buy a few spare drives to keep at the DC to use when we have
drive failures to reduce the time we have to run degraded.

So, I've got prices for Dell drives and equivalent Seagate drives:

Dell: $199, inc. drive tray
Seagate: $188

Now, that doesn't seem too bad, until you find out that the Seagate
drives come with a 5-year warranty as standard but the Dell drives only
come with a *1-year* warranty as standard!! If it weren't for that, I'd
go for the Dells as it keeps a single point-of-contact for all
replacements. But I can't go for hard drives with just 1 year of warranty.

Now, if I do go with non-Dell drives, I'll still need to monitor them
for failure. Does anyone know if OMSA is capable of monitoring non-Dell
drives? If not, can can Seagate drives be flashed with Dell firmware?

Thanks for any insight...


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