PERC 4e/Si Split Mirrors?

Shane Presley shane.presley at
Wed Mar 31 17:20:03 CDT 2010

We have a PE1850 with a PERC 4e/Si	 controller.  It has a RAID-1
volume (two physical disks mirrored). OpenManage 5.1

We're planning an OS upgrade, and I'd like to split the mirrors before
the upgrade.  Then assuming everything goes okay, re-attach the

Obviously one way would be to physicall pull disk1 out, and re-insert
it after everything is okay.

But I assume there is a software way to do it, either OpenManage web
GUI or CLI?  I found a Dell doc that says you can split the mirrors
from the virtual disk page on the Web GUI, but that option doesn't
appear to show up. And I'd also need to know how to re-attach them.


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