prefetch abort exception

John Schleigh slydog at
Wed Mar 31 15:38:38 CDT 2010

Can anyone explain what a prefetch abort exception is?  I recently found
a PE2900 behaving as if all filesystems were read only.  I had to power
cycle the machine as it would not take logons of any kind.  I found a
bazillion instances of "*** PREFETCH ABORT exception: sf= ..." in the
controller log.

perc 5/i

03/03/10 21:22:21: EVT#08390-03/03/10 21:22:21:  44=Time established as
03/03/10 21:22:21; (2356395 seconds since power on)

03/03/10 22:37:44: *** PREFETCH ABORT exception: sf=a00ffe70
03/03/10 22:37:44: CPSR=200000d3: N=0,Z=0,C=1,V=0,Q=0   I=1 F=1 T=0
03/03/10 22:37:44:  r0=000022d6   r1=0000012c   r2=00000012
03/03/10 22:37:44:  r4=a0e18280   r5=a0e18280   r6=00000100
03/03/10 22:37:44:  r8=a0c2d258   r9=a0d48360  r10=a0d06f00
03/03/10 22:37:44: r12=00000000   lr=a088f3a8   pc=a089d904

*** PREFETCH ABORT exception: sf=a00ff9d0
CPSR=200000d3: N=0,Z=0,C=1,V=0,Q=0   I=1 F=1 T=0 MODE=13(SVC)
 r0=00036000   r1=0000a000   r2=00000019   r3=0000000a
 r4=00000000   r5=003f6000   r6=a0000000   r7=00000000
 r8=0000a000   r9=60000000  r10=a00ffac4  r11=a00ffa68
r12=00006000   lr=a089e118   pc=a089d904
MonTask: line
<<<END LOG>>>

The last block repeats until the restart was performed.

I updated the firmware from 1.03.40-0316 to 1.03.50-0461.  This never
happened before and has not happened since.

Is this cause for concern?

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