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Think of ENCLOSUREWARN as an event class. In other words, any enclosure event which is a warning (which is a severity level) triggers this LRA action. So in the doc that Mohan sent if you look at the Severity column in the table warnings will be called out by the value "Warning / Non-critical". As he said the best way to figure out what caused this is to look through your OMSA or your system log to find the event that triggered the email.

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On Fri, March 26, 2010 08:06, Mohan_G_Murali at dell.com wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Looks like you got an alert from the LRA you had set. Check the alert
> log in OMSA to figure out what went wrong.
> And also check the Enclosure and it's components in OMSA to see which
> component of Enclosure had went wrong.
> Below is the message(alert) reference guide which explains the alerts
> and corrective actions.
> http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/svradmin/6.2/en/MSG/HTML/
> msgch40.htm#wp1194853
> Thanks,
> Mohan
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> Hi folks
> in the docs the only mention I can find of ENCLOSUREWARN is the
> following
> 		Sets actions when an enclosure detects a warning value.
> I've just had an email from OMSA specifying ENCLOSUREWARN, can anyone
> tell me what this means please ?

Nick, did you find any reference to ENCLOSUREWARN in the doc cited by
Mohan?  I didn't.  I've seen this alert before and not been able to track
it down.  I can find the event=enclosurewarn doc, but it doesn't shed any
light on what triggers it.

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