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On Fri, March 26, 2010 08:06, Mohan_G_Murali at dell.com wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Looks like you got an alert from the LRA you had set. Check the alert
> log in OMSA to figure out what went wrong.
> And also check the Enclosure and it's components in OMSA to see which
> component of Enclosure had went wrong.
> Below is the message(alert) reference guide which explains the alerts
> and corrective actions.
> http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/svradmin/6.2/en/MSG/HTML/
> msgch40.htm#wp1194853
> Thanks,
> Mohan
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> Hi folks
> in the docs the only mention I can find of ENCLOSUREWARN is the
> following
> 		Sets actions when an enclosure detects a warning value.
> I've just had an email from OMSA specifying ENCLOSUREWARN, can anyone
> tell me what this means please ?

Nick, did you find any reference to ENCLOSUREWARN in the doc cited by
Mohan?  I didn't.  I've seen this alert before and not been able to track
it down.  I can find the event=enclosurewarn doc, but it doesn't shed any
light on what triggers it.

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