"/" full

Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at firstbhph.com
Thu Mar 25 12:07:32 CDT 2010


A colleague at a very small company has CentOS 5.x 
running on a R200.  The other day, he tried to 
add a new user, but got an error.  His pptpd VPN 
also stopped working.  The long-and-short of it 
is that "/" (in its own partition) on his system 
is 100% full.  I've been helping him look for a 
solution to the problem:  we've looked at files 
and file sizes for (a) culprit(s), checked 
available inodes, and a few other things and, of 
course, googled for a solution.  We've come up 

At this point, we don't want to add more space to 
the partition.  Can anyone suggest any other 
things we can try? 

Many thanks.


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