Changing BIOS Boot Order from Linux Command Line w/out Complete OM Install

J. Epperson Dell at
Thu Mar 25 11:37:53 CDT 2010

On Thu, March 25, 2010 11:00, Dameon Wagner wrote:
> Does your distro have the SMBios tools?  I use Debian, and with the
> libsmbios-bin package I have a tool called `serviceTag` which spits
> out, and allows you to change, the Dell service tag for the box.

That sounds like what I want (although it appears that libsmbios-bin
package has been replaced with smbios-utils package).  But if I bootstrap
from the instructions on,
with smbios-utils-bin installed I end up with no serviceTag tool, although
although it's listed as one of the supported binaries on

Dell has done a better job than most vendors in Linux support, and Matt
Domsch in particular is a blessing on the Linux community, but their repo
collection ought to be called the "Dell Ducktape Repositories". 
Dependencies and obsolescences aren't dealt with consistently, presence of
old repo files on a system can wreck the bus (and are not dealt with by
later bootstraps), etc....

Maybe I can get some IP cameras installed in the data center so I can read
the asset tags off the front of the systems.....

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