Firmware updates error on R410s

Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at
Thu Mar 25 08:54:35 CDT 2010

> Hmmm, I've "fixed" things as follows:
> yum remove firmware-tools
> yum install firmware-tools
> yum -y install $(bootstrap_firmware)
> update_firmware -y
> However, I no longer get BIOS version 1.2.4 installed - 1.1.5 seems to
> be the latest.
> Looking on the website, there seems to be a version 1.3.8 available for
> the R410 [1].
> It certainly seems that a couple of later firmware versions have been
> released since 1.1.5 [2]
> Is the yum firmware repository not kept up-to-date?

Do you have the firmware repo configured? It is obsoleted by the OM 6.2 version of the hardware repo, this is where you are finding 1.1.5. Go ahead and remove the firmware repo. To get all the updates, follow the instructions on the repo page: "yum install dell_ft_install" instead of firmware-tools. If you see that bios update issue, post the output with the verbose, -v, option.


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