R710 w/ Mixed SSD + SAS Drives

Jefferson Cowart Jefferson_Cowart at cuc.claremont.edu
Wed Mar 24 19:45:36 CDT 2010

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> > Is it supported
> What does "supported" mean here? That you get it under hw
> (onsite or otherwise) warranty, or that it is certified to work
> together with your sw? Or something else?
> > to simply buy it with the SAS drives factory installed and buy
> > the SSDs separately to install myself once it gets here?
> That's something that you have to ask your salesperson, making
> clear what "supported" means to you.

My concerns are

a) Will it work?
b) If I call Dell support with a hardware problem will they help?

Based on other comments on this thread it sounds like the answer to each
question is yes. Thanks again to the list for the help.

Thank You
Jefferson Cowart
Network and Systems Administrator
Claremont University Consortium

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