R710 w/ Mixed SSD + SAS Drives

Peter Grandi pg_dlxpe at dlxpe.for.sabi.co.UK
Tue Mar 23 14:28:07 CDT 2010

[ ... ]

> [ ... ] can't get the online configuration tool to let me do it.

The online configuration is not designed to help you but to help
Dell, and learning how to fight it and the Dell web site and
circumvent both is a vital skill for a customer (and for a Dell
account manager too :->).

> My inside sales person is also unable to get it built.

Ordered is one thing, built is another. Dell manufacturing try
quite reasonably to limit the number of configurations they are
asked to build.

> Is it supported

What does "supported" mean here? That you get it under hw
(onsite or otherwise) warranty, or that it is certified to work
together with your sw? Or something else?

> to simply buy it with the SAS drives factory installed and buy
> the SSDs separately to install myself once it gets here?

That's something that you have to ask your salesperson, making
clear what "supported" means to you.

As to buying separate drives, you can buy nice Corsair X256 SSDs
from Dell, as an accessory, and they are known to be very good
(Indilinx controller) performers (I am buyin eight, mostly to go
into a T710).

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