OMSA weird report.

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Most of the voltage sensors are discrete and only report a good/bad indication without an actual reading.  That is why the thresholds are marked as N/A.  You should look at the system event log (SEL) and verify that there is an error reported there as well.  Most times a voltage completely fails and the system does not even boot, so it is possible that the problem could be in the monitoring instead of the actual voltage.  The voltage probably will not degrade over time, but if it does your system will be down.  You can try reseating you power supplies, cords, etc, but it will probably not change the behavior.  If the behavior persists after reseating, it would probably be best to contact support.


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Hi list,

I have a problem here but I'm not really sure what it means, maybe you 
can give me a little help.

OMSA is reporting a problem, but with no much details, look:

# omreport chassis volts index=7
Voltage Probes Information

Health : Critical

Index                     : 7
Status                    : Critical
Probe Name                : System Board 5V PG
Reading                   : Bad
Minimum Warning Threshold : [N/A]
Maximum Warning Threshold : [N/A]
Minimum Failure Threshold : [N/A]
Maximum Failure Threshold : [N/A]

Ok, it's "Bad" , but why? Is there a way to know how much voltage is 
beein read?

Should I call Dell to change the mother board or something like that?

Some system details:
OMSA version 5.5.0-5
OS Debian Lenny
PowerEdge R410

Thanks for any help.

Fábio Catunda.

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