OMSA weird report.

Fabio Catunda fcatunda at
Wed Mar 24 16:17:23 CDT 2010

Hi list,

I have a problem here but I'm not really sure what it means, maybe you 
can give me a little help.

OMSA is reporting a problem, but with no much details, look:

# omreport chassis volts index=7
Voltage Probes Information

Health : Critical

Index                     : 7
Status                    : Critical
Probe Name                : System Board 5V PG
Reading                   : Bad
Minimum Warning Threshold : [N/A]
Maximum Warning Threshold : [N/A]
Minimum Failure Threshold : [N/A]
Maximum Failure Threshold : [N/A]

Ok, it's "Bad" , but why? Is there a way to know how much voltage is 
beein read?

Should I call Dell to change the mother board or something like that?

Some system details:
OMSA version 5.5.0-5
OS Debian Lenny
PowerEdge R410

Thanks for any help.

Fábio Catunda.

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