iDRAC6 web admin interface not allowing virtual media configuration

Gernot Hassenpflug aikishugyo at
Tue Mar 23 20:43:01 CDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Stroller
<stroller at> wrote:
> Hi Gernot,
> Firstly, what model of iDRAC6 do you have? I'm looking at the Enterprise
> model on my screen right now. The "Express" has fewer features.

Hello and many thanks for the reply. Excuse the strange information at
times below---my interface is Japanese so I am trying to guess what
the English terms might be in places!

Here the information from the "version information":

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 - Enterprise
Version  1.30
2008-2009 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.

> On 23 Mar 2010, at 11:33, Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
>> The problem is that when I want to configure virtual media at the
>> system -> console/media web interface there is only a display of the
>> current settings (detached) but no "configuration" option like is
>> mentioned in the online iDRAC instructions.
> I believe this relates only to the VFlash virtual media, and not CD-ROM
> emulation. The "configuration" is in black letters immediately underneath
> the tabs. But ignore this if you want to mount an iso image.

Any chance I can send you a screen shot? There is no such wording that
I can see, only two "tables", one for "console redirect" and one for
"virtual media", both contain uneditable lines of two colums each : a
parameter and a value. The value for the first parameter in the
"virtual media" table which I think could be translated as "status"
says "detached".

>> So when I open a console and then try to select virtual media (CD
>> drive) from the virtual media menu, there are some images, and I can
>> add images, but they are "read-only" and pressing the "complete
>> mapping" button results in an error message. Also, booting the server
>> and pressing F2 to enter the BIOS menu shows no virtual drives to boot
>> from (even when I have a CD in the drive, or have added a an image and
>> selected boot from virtual CD in the web admin interface).
> I click "Add Image..." and can browse to an .iso file. They *should* be read
> only, I think, because you just want to boot from them, the image should be
> of an installation CD. You wouldn't want to write to them.

OK. That makes sense. I do not find any way to set up or select
"floppy" drives, and what I am looking for is a way to attach a USB
drive in a way to write to it (for making a backup)

> I can click the "Mapped" checkbox next to my "C:\Path\to\image.iso" and see
> no error. I see no "complete mapping" button.

Sorry, that is a translation issue, we are speaking about the same
thing here. But when I click on the "Mapped" checkbox I get an error
(translation follows):
"Either the virtual media is detached, or else the console redirect is
already in use".

> I see "Virtual Floppy" and "Virtual CD" by going into BIOS via F2, then
> "Boot Settings" and "Boot Sequence". I think the ordering may be the
> unexpected way around.

Nothing in my boot sequence on F2 about virtual drives, only the local
hard drive, the MD1000 hard drive and one more (maybe network but I
forget, and I cannot reboot the machine right now).

> I have definitely booted my system and installed an o/s using the Virtual CD
> this way.

Maybe I misunderstand: apart from the ability to boot with a virtual
CD (which is one thing I am trying to do) I am also trying to mount a
USB device to write to from the system that I boot up from CD
(Clonezilla which makes a backup of the disk(s) ).

Many thanks,
Gernot Hassenpflug

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