R710 w/ Mixed SSD + SAS Drives

Jefferson Cowart Jefferson_Cowart at cuc.claremont.edu
Mon Mar 22 21:45:39 CDT 2010

Does anyone have an R710 with a mixture of SAS + SSD drives? I'm trying
to build one using a pair of SAS drives for the OS/applications and 4
SSDs for an Oracle database. The R710 documentation
-r710-tech-guidebook.pdf - Pages 37-39) seems to say that this is
supported, but I can't get the online configuration tool to let me do
it. My inside sales person is also unable to get it built. Is it
supported to simply buy it with the SAS drives factory installed and buy
the SSDs separately to install myself once it gets here?

Thank You
Jefferson Cowart
Network and Systems Administrator
Claremont University Consortium

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