omreport storage: are all possible output values documented?

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You can refer to the "Storage Management User's Guide" (
x.htm ) to know the possible values.

e.g., to find the possible states and properties of an Virtual Disk you
can find under the "Virtual Disk Properties" section
gmt.htm#wp1424964 )of the user guide. 


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Subject: omreport storage: are all possible output values documented?

OMSA 6.2

I'm interested in finding docs which will explain in detail all the
output values of the "omreport storage controller" and related commands.

For instance, on one of my systems "omreport storage vdisk" will output
State               : Ready
Progress            : Not Applicable

Which other values can "State:" show? "Progress:"?

The reason is to be able to use omreport's output in scripts.

I looked here
but coulnd't find a definitive reference.

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