External array showing as /dev/sda

Stephan van Hienen stephan.van.hienen at thevalley.nl
Sun Mar 21 16:41:41 CDT 2010

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> 1) Internal array I had desired to be single RAID 50
> across 8 drives.  Thanks to Dell's choice of LSI
> for their current raid controllers and LSI missing
> the feature that most others seem to have in being
> able to present parts of one array as multiple
> logical drives, I ended up having to waste the first
> two drives to make a RAID 1 mirror smaller than 2 TB
> and then only six remaining drives in the RAID 50.

No sure which controller you have, but with the perc5/6 you can create multiple virtual disks ?
I have one PE2950 server with a Perc5i with 6 * 750GB drives, with a 150gb boot vdisk, and a 3TB vdisk. (raid5)


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