External array showing as /dev/sda

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Sun Mar 21 12:01:03 CDT 2010

Related to GPT, I used the below method to setup GPT in a CO5 kickstart
networked install .

First you need to alter stage2.img to make it write the GPT label  then you
need to install a GRUB that is patched for GPT from %post section of the
kickstart file.

 The script that redo stage2 basically mounts in /mnt/tmp it then run
  sed -r -e 's#errors.append.*Your boot partition is on a disk.*#aaa1234 =
1#' \
      -e '/("using the GPT partitioning scheme|"but this machine cannot boot
using|"GPT).*/d' \
      /mnt/tmp/usr/lib/anaconda/partitions.py > partitions.py
and rebuild the stage2.img

The kickstart install needs to be network type ( url --url
http://your_internal_site/.. ) or maybe you can build a new CD/DVD with the
hacked stage2.img
the hacked stage2.img are available for CO5.4 at

in kickstart file:

if fdisk -l /dev/sda | grep GPT ; then
  cd /boot/
  wget -q http://your_internal_site/grub-sysresq.tgz
  tar xzf grub-sysresq.tgz ; cp -f grub-sysresq/* grub
  chmod a+rx ./grub/grub
  echo -e ' root (hd0,0) \n setup (hd0) \n quit \n ' | ./grub/grub >
/root/LOG-GRUB-GPT-install.txt 2>&1

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