swapping RAID1 disk and hot-swap disk for restore image test

Jens_Heinz at Dell.com Jens_Heinz at Dell.com
Fri Mar 19 03:33:05 CDT 2010

It should work this way:

1. goto RAID BIOS
2. offline both RAID1 HDDs
3. create a RAID0 in hotspare drive
4. change 'bootable VD' 
5. do your restore tests

To go back to your original configuration I would recommend to just
online one of your both RAID1 HDDs and rebuild the other if all is fine.

This approach has two advantages, avoid issue when forcing 2x HDDs
online at once and you still have your data available on your 2nd HDD if
something goes wrong with 1st one. 

One thing you need to consider in your scenario, if you're using
/dev/sdX device numbering. Your RAID1 will usually be /dev/sda (even if
you failed/offlined it) and your RAID0 will be /dev/sdb. This might
affect GRUB, mount points etc. from your restored image. 


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Subject: swapping RAID1 disk and hot-swap disk for restore image test

Dear all,

I've set up a R610 with PERC6/i and PERC6/e controllers and MD1000
backup. The R610 has 3 disks: 2 in RAID1 configuration, and 1 as a

Before client data was added, I created a restore image using
Clonezilla, and tested it on the RAID1 disks successfully (data is
over-written by restore process).

Now after client data has been added, I have a maintenance time coming
up next week where I want to create another restore image and test
it---but if possible without deleting data or interfering with the
RAID1 configuration.

So I want to disable the two RAID1 disks in the BIOS, and use the
hot-swap disk as the system disk, do a restore to the new single disk,
and test that it runs.

Then I want to switch back to the original RAID1 and hot-swap

What I wonder is whether the controller will have an trouble if I
disable and reenable RAIDs in this manner?

Many thanks in advance for comments and opinions.
Gernot Hassenpflug

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