PERC H200: anyone that can share sas2ircu cmd line util?

Giulio giulioo at
Thu Mar 18 10:56:55 CDT 2010

PET310, CentOS5.4, mpt2sas

For previous MPT controllers we used LSI's lsiutil utility as a light weight
alternative to OMSA's "omreport storage controller".

Now with the new SAS2 controllers, such as the PERC H200, lsiutil won't work
anymore (tried with v1.62), and you need the new sas2ircu utility, whose
syntax is documented here:

I asked LSI for the utility, but they won't give it to me, because they only
distribute it to LSI resellers (not Dell's).

Is there anyone who somehow got this util and can make it available?

giulioo at

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