Reseting DRAC password. Non-supported OS

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Thu Mar 18 05:20:28 CDT 2010

This one should have 

otherwise you can still add the racadm package.


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I have a bounch of 1850/1950/2850/2950 PowerEdge servers, all with DRAC

Unfortionatly the passwords for these drac cards have gone lost in space
and we need to find an easy way to reset the passwords.

The machines are running FreeBSD, so it is not possible to install
OpenManage on these.

I've had a case with Dell about this, their suggestion was to install a
supported OS + OMSA on a seperate HDD and boot each machine of this hdd
and try 'racadmin'.

Does anyone know of a LiveCD with OMSA and Racadm included to reset the
passwords, or does anyone have other suggestions?

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Martin Östlund
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