AW: OMSA ECC single bit correction logging disabled

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So if i understand right i have to clear the log. How do i do that?
rene rosenberger
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Betreff: RE: OMSA ECC single bit correction logging disabled
That means that to many SBE’s occur in a too short period of time. (Single
bit errors in a Dimm => the dimm slot is mentioned in the HW log you can
access through bmc, drac, OMSA)
To avoid a log spam the logging for SBE’s was disabled until the log was
cleared and a reboot was done.
IF you use a Generation 9 server check the System Bios if it is 2.61.
If possible (downtime) x-test the dimm with another to check if the error
follows the dimm and to isolate the slot.
If you can’t x-test and the bios and bmc is up to date open a HW call.
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what does it mean and how do i fix it?
Rene Rosenberger
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