DRAC 5 console with Firefox 3.0.5 on Red Hat

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 17:24:15 CDT 2010

On 17 Mar 2010, at 15:45, John Lister wrote:

>>> I have a DRAC5 but can't use the console redirection because
>>> I've never been able to get the browser stuff to work.
>> Yeah, I just resort to Internet Exploder. I've got IE8 working with a
>> DRAC4 - it just takes a lot of fiddling with the (in)security  
>> settings
>> in Windows' Internet Options.
> Don't suppose you'd like to share what you've done to IE8 as I've  
> not managed this, Only way I've got at the minute is to use IE6 from  
> multipleIEs although IE8 seems to have broken this install slightly.  
> I've tried many changes, but the plugin never seems to get  
> installed, I go through all the popups, etc and restart IE, but get  
> back to the same position.

I'm really sorry. I just rebooted my laptop to Windows to take a look  
at the options I've got set, but before it was even restarted I  
realised there are so many I'd despair of the typing to do so.

I've got the hostname of the DRAC added to the Trusted Sites section  
of Internet Properties > Security. I think you need to use the  
https:// address in order for IE to allow this. I still get a  
complaint about the certificate each time I use the DRAC, but I click  
on "Continue to this website (not recommended)".

Generally speaking, having clicked on the Trusted Sites section of  
Internet Properties > Security, the procedure I followed was to go  
into "Custom Level ..." in the Security Levels section of that tab and  
looked at every option, choosing what seemed like the least secure  
option in each case. Allow everything, "don't prompt" for anything  
(unless the only choice is between prompting and denying access, of  

I may have also done the same thing under the Advanced tab; I think it  
took me about 3 attempts to get it right, even though I thought I had  
already set everything completely insecure the first time around. I  
probably exited the DRAC webpage completely and closed all browser  
windows each time. I use the run box (shortcut of Windows key + R) and  
enter "inetcpl.cpl" to open the Internet Properties window when  
Internet Explorer is closed. This is less fiddling with my laptop's  
trackpad than going to Control Panel to open it.

Having rebooted my laptop, I have just logged in (and opened a console  
viewer) right now, and I can tell you that this is a DRAC4/I on a  
Poweredge 2800. And that I'm absolutely definitely using IE8 (version  
8.0.6001.18702 in Help > About) and that the console viewer works. My  
laptop is running 32-bit XP Home. The DRAC is running firmware version  
1.75 (build 06.03), which I believe to be fairly recent as I see I  
updated it 9th January this year.

Perhaps now that you know this is possible, perhaps with some more  
persistence you may stumble upon the correct options to get it working?

I'm sorry not to be of more immediate help, but I think you will see  
my point about the number of options in IE's Security Settings window.  
I could easily find myself documenting ones that are irrelevant, as  
there are far too many combinations ever to test them all individually  
and comprehensively. If it were possible to export IE8's option  
settings as a textfile I would be glad to send it, but I doubt this is  
possible short of sending a whole registry hive.

I would imagine that, since IE8 works with a DRAC4/I on a Poweredge  
2800, it would also work with any other DRAC of the same generation.  
However I have given the specific details just to be comprehensive.


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