DRAC 5 console with Firefox 3.0.5 on Red Hat

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at antibozo.net
Tue Mar 16 19:08:55 CDT 2010

On 2010-03-16 23:51, Stroller wrote:
> I believe that the original VNC project ceased (with the closure of  
> AT&T Laboratories Cambridge) without encryption as a feature. I have  
> always felt this a shame, as there seems to be some fragmentation of  
> projects now. Some of the original developers formed RealVNC, but they  
> sell their product and I don't believe the GPL version offers  
> encryption.

Pretty sure the DRAC remote KVM is a repackaged Avocent product. This 
provides a layer of encryption; no idea whether there's any strength to 
it. My vague impression is that the Avocent stuff is originally 
VNC-based but I may be making that up.

The plugins work in firefox but you have to find the right combination 
of java plugin and i386-ness.

Earlier versions (as of a couple of years ago) of both the media plugin 
and the console plugin were *extremely* insecure. They may be safer now, 
or maybe not--I haven't looked at them in detail in a while. I would 
strongly recommend installing these in a dedicated browser profile (use 
firefox -ProfileManager or appropriate to create a separate profile) and 
never using that profile for general browsing. To make matters worse, if 
I recall correctly, at least as of some versions, the plugins would 
depend on the profile's being located in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/, 
meaning that your *first* firefox profile is the only one that would 
work for the DRAC plugins. If this is still the case, you would need to 
create separate profiles for everything *other* than using a DRAC, and 
only use the initial one for the DRAC. An alternative is to have a 
dedicated user for it.

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