OpenManage and logwatch

Jon Ottar Runde jru at
Mon Mar 15 12:51:58 CDT 2010

ma., 15.03.2010 kl. 10.38 -0500, skrev John G. Heim:
> From: "Trond Hasle Amundsen"
> >in place, I suggest that you take
> > a look at the different Nagios plugins[1] available. They have simple
> > output and the exit code corresponds to the status of the system. You
> > can easily wrap a Nagios plugin and run it periodically from cron and
> > let the system notify you by email if it needs attention.
> >
> > [1] 
> >
> >
> Anybody have a favorite nagios plugin from that site to recommend? There are 
> several of them that say they use snmp. At a minimum, I need to monitor 
> temperature and array status.

I'm using

Works like a charm in quite large environments, is modular (as in, one
test for temp, one for disk etc) if you want to, and supports more or
less everything you can get from openmanage :)


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