OpenManage and logwatch

Trond Hasle Amundsen t.h.amundsen at
Sun Mar 14 15:27:09 CDT 2010

Jamie Shaffer <jamies at> writes:

> I use logwatch to check on the status of my linux boxes, but I don?t have a
> script to check for the output of OpenManage. OpenManage appears to write only
> to /var/log/messages. Does anyone already have a filter script for use with
> logwatch? (Sorry if this is a repeat question; I?m having trouble finding a
> full index to the postings over the years.)

I know that this doesn't answer your question, but there are three
commonly used approaches to monitoring Dell servers that are running

  1. Running omreport commands and get the status
  2. Probing Opanmanage actively via SNMP
  3. Setting up Openmanage to send SNMP traps

I've never heard of anyone using logwatch or similar to monitor the
hardware health of Dell systems, and judging from the lack of replies to
your email it is not a widely used approach.

If you don't have a monitoring system in place, I suggest that you take
a look at the different Nagios plugins[1] available. They have simple
output and the exit code corresponds to the status of the system. You
can easily wrap a Nagios plugin and run it periodically from cron and
let the system notify you by email if it needs attention.


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