RAID-5 and database servers

John G. Heim jheim at
Fri Mar 12 16:10:05 CST 2010

From: "Eric Rostetter" <rostetter at>
 The other trap would be what happens if you get "spam bombed" and get say
> a couple million spams sent to you in an hour or so... Do you expect to
> survive this without slowdown, or is it okay that it slows down until the
> spam bomb dies down?  You might only get a spam bomb like this once every
> 5 years, but if it does happen, what are your expectations?  (Here spam
> bomb could also be a joe-job, a virus outbreak, or other unexpected mail
> event... Pick your favorite...)

Well, this is actually the problem... I am about as sure as I can be that a 
"spam bomb" is not a noce every five year event. We get flooded with spam 
pretty regularly. Its probably not a million messages a day but more like 
50,000 in two hours and then little or nothing for the next 22 hours.

Yeah, we can survive that. Its not like classes would be cancelled if some 
prof can't get his mail or the response time on the web server is so slow as 
to drive people away. But if it can be avoided, it would be very nice.

I really think my boss is nearly out of patience with me. I think I know 
what I want though. If I want to set up two RAIDs, one for the operating 
system and one for the database files, do I need two PERCs? Can a single 
PERC put 2 disks in a RAID-1 array and 3 others in a RAID-5 array?

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