RAID-5 and database servers

John G. Heim jheim at
Fri Mar 12 10:03:33 CST 2010

> I mentioned in my original message that our databases consist
> primarily of spamassassin bayesian rules and horde3/imp web mail.

Minor correction... I posted the info about my database uses in another 
thread on this list, not this thread. I did neglect to reiterate what uses I 
had for the DB server when I started this thread to ask for specifics on 
RAID-5 vs RAID-10. Sorry 'bout that.

We have mysql databases for spamassassin bayesian rules, hore3/imp web mail, 
and drupal. We also have a small departmental database updated via  my own 
web apps.

PS: Before you suggest it, I also asked about this on the mysql list. But I 
think the vast majority of people on that list are primarily DB experts and 
don't know much about hardware. I'd rather not have to become an expert on 
mysql optimization but I guess I'll have to.

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