RAID-5 and database servers

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Mar 11 16:23:13 CST 2010

Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> That's not what I mean by a full RAID failure. I've had plenty of disks 
> fail and subsequent successful rebuilds. I'm saying on one occasion 
> (because of an oversight) I ended up with an unrecoverable RAID 5 
> because of disk failures.
> Of course, this wasn't a serious problem because I also had backups.
 I've had a disk fail in such a way on a SCSI array that all disks on 
that SCSI bus became unavailable simultaneously. When half the disks 
dropped of the array at the same time, it gave up and corrupted the RAID 
5 meta data so that even after removing the offending drive, the array 
didn't recover. The restore from backup tape  near 48hrs as it was near 
the end of our monthly backup cycle and 28 'incremental' tapes had to be 
loaded. It was a mail spool as well, so the incrementals were reasonably 
large. We changed the backup schedule after that to do full dumps more 
often so less tapes would be required to restore it :-)

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