Installing RHEL5 via DRAC

Paul M. Dyer pmdyer at
Thu Mar 11 15:52:38 CST 2010

Yes, if the CDROM is not recognized as local, then you will need to create a repository that is accessible from NFS, FTP or HTTP.

I recently created a RHEL5 repository to use as an NFS export.  Here is the worksheet that I used:


#  createrepo.txt
#  Tuesday,  15-Sep-2009, create rhel5 repository

1) need the tool
   yum -y install createrepo

2) grab all content from dvd
   cd /data/media/rh401
   mkdir dvd
   mount -o loop rhel-server-5.4-x86_64-dvd.iso dvd
   cp -r dvd rhel-server-5.4-x86_64

3.1) copy the comps file for each repo (defines groups) RHEL5
   cd rhel-server-5.4-x86_64/Server/
   cp repodata/comps-rhel5-server-core.xml /var/tmp/comps.Server
   rm -fr repodata/

   cd ../Cluster
   cp repodata/comps-rhel5-cluster.xml     /var/tmp/comps.Cluster
   rm -fr repodata/

   cd ../ClusterStorage
   cp repodata/comps-rhel5-cluster-st.xml  /var/tmp/comps.ClusterStorage
   rm -fr repodata/

   cd ../VT
   cp repodata/comps-rhel5-vt.xml          /var/tmp/comps.VT
   rm -fr repodata/

5.1) create the repos, RHEL5
   cd /data/media/rhel-server-5.4-x86_64
   createrepo -vg /var/tmp/comps.Server         Server/
   createrepo -vg /var/tmp/comps.Cluster        Cluster/
   createrepo -vg /var/tmp/comps.ClusterStorage ClusterStorage/
   createrepo -vg /var/tmp/comps.VT             VT/

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